datestampMonday, May 4, 2009

mama thoughts

mom's day is coming up. i already bought myself a giftie of this necklace and this herbal tea. come on, you know my boys weren't going to order them for me.... it's okay to treat yourself every so often, i say.

last night digger was wanting me to stay up and watch a little t.v. with him, but i so wanted to sleep ... so he tempted me with: "i'll watch your birth movie with you." sold! we watched 'the business of being born' and it was pretty good. i knew there'd be images of birth and naked mamas in birth action, so i've had it sitting there just waiting for a night when spanky actually passed out before me. shows like this should be the norm, not 'a baby story.' i watched way too much baby story shows when i was prego with spanky and really thought pitocin, etc. were 'normal.' i felt a little sad at the state of our country and how we treat birth, but happy that i care enough to educate myself and go against the grain. every time they had a clip of ina may gaskin, i was giddy. i asked dig if we could travel to tennessee to the farm to birth #2, he said no. ;o)

also i read the 4 birth stories of jessica this weekend. i love these uplifting, powerful and inspiring stories. although i still wont be giving birth at home, i am thankful for the knowledge of those stories to help me have the experience i want at the hospital, i pray it's possible. i am thankful for a husband who is willing to watch and listen and will be my natural birth bodyguard.

now with all of this, i am thinking of finally writing down spanky's birth story, but found that like jessica, now that it's after the fact and i am a lot more knowledgeable, it may sound not so pleasant. it really wasn't that bad, i just know it can be better. i'm gonna write it anyways, for posterity (and scrap it of course...silly.) did you write your birth story? any suggestions?

have a great week!

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