datestampWednesday, April 29, 2009

Boys of Summer

Last Saturday we took the light rail to the ball park for Little Leauge Day with the DBacks. There were thousands of LL kids and they got to parade on the field before the game. My boys are right there in the center with the green shirts.

One decent picture of mom & dad out of a gzillion where Digger was making goofy faces, sticking out his tounge, trying to lick my face, etc...
Since Spanky is totally a chip off the old block, the closed eyes picture is the best I got from him, stinker!
Boy, but he'll ham it up when he wants to...

DBacks lost (of course...) but we had a lot of fun. Just a few more TBall games this season, then we're on to coach pitch next boy is growing up!

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Susan said...

what fun! I love the green.

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