datestampWednesday, July 29, 2009

let's do lunch

how about a goal of minimal waste from school lunches for this school year? not to mention not having to buy the disposable lunch junk! there's still going to be an occasional go-gurt or raisin box, but no paper lunch bags because we've got cool, washable, insulated, snap top, little-pocket-inside-for-love-notes-from-mom.....cloth lunch bags:

these are the three i made for spanky and two of his friends (plus the tester one i made first):
(roughly based on these instructions) can you guess which one is spankys???

this is the cutesie one i made for the little girl in my life who starts kindergarten in two short weeks:
(based on this tutorial) and i must say that she chose the butterfly fabric, which is heidi grace, who also designs scrapbook that!

it was a learning experience to make these. my sewing skills are far from perfect, but i'm getting better. i used insul-bright, lined the bags, applied snaps......the works! it took some brain power let me tell you.
i've revised my to-do list to be my today list. even when all things are not accomplished, the list still says today at the top and tomorrow is an new today, right? if that made sense to you we either are or should be bestest friends. so.....on the today list are some napkins, fabric sandwich wraps and snack baggies, but i am awaiting a fabric order to complete those projects. i'm going to make my own patterns this time, i think i can handle it.
i just might put a few up in the shop in the near future as well...
the machines are cleaned and oiled and calling for me, must run!


lil mama said...

What a great idea! I seriously need to learn how to sew so I can make this stuff for Izzy when he goes to school.

Anonymous said...

oh man! i want that one with the skulls. i would take my lunch everyday.

MishaLee said...

Yup Zane...that's my boys choice of fabric as well! They can't sport licensed characters at school...but they didn't say they couldn't have character!

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