datestampTuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Bad Diaper Bag

So remember the small diaper bag I made? It's still my new favorite purse. And I went on to reworking the measurements and coming up with a larger one, that's a little more 'diaper bag-ish.'

Still reversable, still a long enough strap to wear messenger-style or put across a stroller handle, bigger better pockets with snaps on the center one....

...and still utilizing cool buttons. These are vintage from my stash, thanks Katrina!

Eek! I love it.
I'm working on a simple tutorial so if you want to make one you may. Coming soon!
Whoa Mama, check out that belly!

Have a great Tuesday!


Shauna- said...

The bag looks great! I really like the reversibility of fabric. You are SOOO CREATIVE!! I would like a copy of the tutorial when you get it completed.

I love the self image... You are too cute with your little Axel Belly.

simplyshye said...

sOOoo Very CuTE !!

The Bushmans said...

You are so crafty! I want a bag like that. Maybe I can use your tutorial when you finish it. When do you find the time?

Angie said...

You are just adorable and crafy. Diggie was so lucky to find/stalk you!! Ha Ha

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