datestampThursday, September 24, 2009

Big Baby

At first this news clip read like a horror story to me. I'm still wrapping my mind around em home birthing a 10lb. 8oz. cutie. But now when the old bags in public remark how huge I am, I know there is really a woman on the planet who gave birth to a toddler! When Dr. Brass measures me today and exclaims "Whoa, girl!" like she did last week, I know if Emily can do it, so can I!

I feel ready when he decides it's a good day to have a birthday. Maybe it's because I am not sleeping well and it's difficult to get comfortable laying down (anyone got a spare lazy boy?) Maybe it's because I have the much talked about back room a little more in hand. Maybe it's because walking like a duck, is good for a duck, but not for humans. Maybe my prep work is paying off. Or maybe it's the realization and acceptance that not everything on the list is going to get done before he's here, and that's okay.

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