datestampTuesday, September 22, 2009

Last Saturday

We took a class at the hospital we are delivering at called "Sibling Adjustment." It was a really cute class, even if Wilhelm refused to talk (he just pointed at me for everything.) My favorite part was when the RN gave each child a 'toy checker' (aka toilet paper roll) and a toy. If the toy fit through the checker, it was not safe for baby and if it was too big, not sharp or too was probably a safe baby toy. What a great thing to teach kids!

Spanky practiced his diapering skills...and much to my dismay opted for the sposie they handed out over the cloth we brought with us. Darn it.

Then we went to pick out Axel's going home outfit. It's very cute, but no spoilers have to wait for the real deal. We did lots of running around and hit lots of stores, including the Spirit Halloween store where we got to pose with the reaper (I really didn't want to be in this picture.) I finally got my Mongolian BBQ, yum! and there was a dragster out front, so we snapped a few pictures with it as well.



Susan said...

I am so glad that you were able to get the things done that you needed to on Saturday. I love the toy checker idea. I think that we may have to use that sometime. I love the pic of you, I have been wanting to see that cute baby belly again before it goes away since I can;t be there IRL. I love you!

Izzy's Mimi said...

You're so cute! I hope I didn't offend you on Sunday when I said that every time I see you, you're bigger. It's just fun to see the growth every time I see you. Fun for me, anyway, I'm sure you're super uncomfortable right about now.

That sibling adjustment class sounds awesome! What a great idea.

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