datestampFriday, March 5, 2010

5 months

Welcome to the Little Max 5 month update!
This month he has grown a whole lot. He is testing his limits, is quite pleased with his new baby pterodactyl sounds and the look on mom and dads faces when he's in full screech mode. He's rolling over...when he's in the mood. The biggest thing is that he's started eating bananas this week, little chunks and he's really good at it, even though his face reads like he's not too sure.

I'm trying to help, apparently he didn't want or need my help. This is one of those little mesh feeders and so far he's mastered chewing on the handle.

See you next month!

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Susan said...

so happy that he likes the bananas. They are one of my favorite baby foods. I love his last picture of him. He is so cute.

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