datestampWednesday, March 10, 2010

Go on BID!

Spanky's school is holding a silent auction at the annual Spring Picnic. We're looking for donations like this:

1. If you work for a company or have a business that has a service or product that could be donated, please consider making a donation. Examples: Gift certificates for beauty salon, music or language lessons, hotels, jewelry, makeup, tools, lawn services, auto body work or service, car wash or detailing, clothing, electronics, household items, games.

2. If you have a family member or neighbor that works for a company or has a business that could donate a service or product, please ask them if they could donate.

3. If you have a co-worker or friend with a special skill, such as making ceramics, sewing, wood working, etc. ask them if they could make or donate something.

4. If you don't know anyone, can you ask at the businesses that you patronize, the grocery, your barber, a baker or florist, a convenience store, etc. and see if they would be willing to donate. (Corporations are less likely to donate last minute, but all businesses will ask for a letter with the school information on it.) I will provide a sample letter next week, that folks can copy and use for asking for donations.

5. If you or someone you know travels a lot and has airline vouchers, or hotel coupons, or time-share days somewhere, these also make great items to auction.

6. Maybe you got a gift for the holidays that you didn't need and have not used, re-gifting to the auction is ok if you think someone else might appreciate it!

7. Maybe you have season tickets to the symphony or theater or a sporting event, and could donate one set of tickets to the auction.

8. If you can't do any of the above, consider making or buying something to donate. Here are just a few ideas that sell well:
*Themed gift baskets (movie night, beauty day, coffee break, lotsa pasta dinner, baking time, bucket o' bbq, garden bag, camping kit, game night, travel kit, ethnic foods, sports items)
*International items (unique boutique items, hand made)
*Tools and fishing equipment
*Quilts and afghans
*toy boxes, rocking horses and other wood objects
*Montessori themed toys and works and games
*Emergency Grab and Go kit for family - necessary objects for 3 days survival

So if you have a donation you'd like to make, please email me at mishaleestrunk @ yahoo dot com


Check out THIS blog for a really cool auction to help an amazing family go to Africa to help the people there. The bidding opens today and there are some really amazing things to bid on. Go on, get outta!

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Zane said...

I could donate a photo shoot, if that's okay.

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