datestampMonday, March 15, 2010


...ain't easy.

i love my big boy, all 4' 1.5" of him.
he's my baby, eventhough i have another baby, who really is a baby.
he's a special spirit with wonderful gifts and talents.
since he was a tiny babe, he's had the talent of being a peacemaker.
blessed are the peacemakers.
he'd reach up and touch the cheek of mom or dad when we'd be upset with eachother.
an infants reminder of true importance.
before he could talk, he could bring calm and peace to our home.
at 2 he'd walk around the breakfast nook at gramma's
giving everyone at the table a blessing with his little toddler hands placed lovingly atop our heads.
sweet little mumbles with a clear amen.

he's not perfect, but he is one great kid.
we're struggling right now.
i decided i could sit around stewing on:
why?, what did i do?, what should i do?, what's wrong?
i could remind myself and my son of his
talents and divine heritage.
give him my time and attention.
love him.
pray for him.

thank heaven for half days and mama/son dates.
thank heaven for spring break.
we'll be quiet around here for the next week.
snuggling, lego-ing, bonding

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Susan said...

enjoy your week. We are trying to spend some good quality time with the boys this week too.

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