datestampMonday, April 5, 2010


Study: Breast-feeding would save lives, money**

"The lives of nearly 900 babies would be saved each year, along with billions of dollars, if 90 percent of U.S. women breast-fed their babies for the first six months of life, a cost analysis says."

How much the better for mom and baby then to nurse for the first year and beyond? Breast-feeding is better for health-physical and mental, finances, the's just plain better. So health care pros: stop passing out free samples of formula, be supportive of nursing mama's and for the love...educate yourself.

Here's a blog post I liked: Nipplephobia I've got a blog post saved that I keep adding to and taking from on this topic. Basically I've decided that whatever it takes for us Americans to get to nursing our babies, covers-information-support, WHATEVER it takes, is a good thing. That's what I think today, but I'm still pondering...

My nursing boy and I will be back here tomorrow with a 6 month update...we're just too plain tired and cranky for a photo shoot today. We'd rather just snuggle.

**This article was up on the Yahoo home page for about an hour and is now totally gone as far as I can see. It's true that breastfeeding will save tons of money, but not for formula companies...who's yahoo in bed with?


Burgess said...

Hey, when are we doing the grease monkey photo shoot? We're waiting and excited!

Susan said...

they spoofed it on our local news here, but I had to turn it off before they got to the story. I have always thought that it is better anyway.

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