datestampWednesday, May 19, 2010

Blessings of Breastfeeding Part 3

(Our awesome Doula Nikki and her little VBA3C cutie!)

I am blessed with friendships and support from wonderful and amazing breastfeeding mamas who form a community dedicated to making the whole world better.

It's true. One positive decision, like breastfeeding can effect your entire life. Making you want to be better in many areas, providing opportunities to make friends that are like-minded. Here are links to some of the women and groups I am blessed to hang with:

Nuturing Hearts Birth Services
My local La Leche League meeting.
The Center for True Harmony
AZ Birth Network

(Super Doula Rose with us at our first birth circle after Max' birth---he's only 17 days old! I got to share our birth story and hear those of other moms. I love birth circle!)

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