datestampTuesday, May 18, 2010

Blessings of Breastfeeding Part 2

I am blessed to be able to feed my baby for free, anywhere we go.  Outfitted with little more then a nursing tank top from Target and some homemade breast pads, I can comfortably and discreetly feed my son no matter where we are. Peace of mind is knowing a fresh, ready supply of milk is always available. (And no bottles to wash doesn't hurt my feelings either.)

Let's break it down as if I formula fed my baby for the last 7.5 months:
Max has dairy sensitivity, so we'd probably need to go with soy and I'd prefer organic, so we're looking at about $30 for one 25.75 oz can or 190 oz of prepared formula. For the first four months baby might average 24 oz of formula a day (or 2880 oz. total) and from 4 months to today, he'd probably average more like 32 oz (or 3360 oz. total), for a lifetime total of 6240 oz, SO FAR. That's a little over 32 cans and $960. Doesn't seem possible, does it? So lets say I go the cheap route and get the Walmart off brand of soy formula-corn syrup solids are corn syrup solids, those same 32 cans will cost me about $438. My $350 breast pump has paid for itself either way, and that's not even a must have if you aren't going back to work. And I'm not even talking about the bottles, water, mylicon, co-pays for extra visits to the doc, prescriptions....

WHO says: Breastfeeding is the normal way of providing young infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development. Virtually all mothers can breastfeed, provided they have accurate information, and the support of their family, the health care system and society at large.

When you are informed, I think you'll find the real cost of formula feeding goes much deeper then your wallet.

Part 3 tomorrow...

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