datestampMonday, July 5, 2010

9 months

This is such a fun time in Max's babyhood. The two top teeth have just broken through, he's a pro at the army crawl and he's trying to pull himself up. He 'talks' and laughs and is such a happy boy.
He loves his big brother.
Daddy got him a sheepskin to snuggle at Ikea today (so what's a mom to do...I HAD to get a bare bottom shot!)
Max loves Gunther and says "key-key." But his first word, like his brother, was "da-da." Spanky likes to decode what Max is thinking and saying, so needless to say, we get some seriously funny dialouge around here.

See you next month!
(Spanky update coming soon...)

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Shauna- said...

He is so Handsome! Looking forward to visiting soon!

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