datestampThursday, July 22, 2010

A Grand Visit

"It's Hot. It's soo Hot." --Jim Strunk, my father-in-law visiting from Oregon. This was his mantra for the week. I'm sure no one will let him forget it, least of all his grandson.

We had a good visit, eventhough it really was so hot. Grampa and Spanky were twins:
Max and Gramma snuggled:
We played Skip-Bo, Yatzee, and Monopoly (my least favorite game of all time.) Spanky cleaned house!
Me thinks someone looks like his Grampa and his Daddy:

We love you Gramma and Grampa!


The Godell Family said...

I HATE Monoploy too. But how fun that the grandparents came to visit. It's always fun when grandparents are in town.

The Foosen said...

Love the snuggling picture! Tira just met great grandma and great grandpop and we have a couple snuggle pics we need to post too.

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