datestampWednesday, August 11, 2010

Spanky's Summer & The First of Second

This summer, Spanky was able to take a couple of classes, spend a lot of time with friends, attend his first Cub Scout Day Camp and visit with family.
Feeling brave:
Swim class:
Making faces....
...for this reaction:
Loves his Gramma:
Day camp awards:
Drama Class:

And now my big boy is at school, workin' the second grade:
Maybe they'll teach him how to smile. And don't feel too bad for him...he was up at 5:15am and in the shower, dressed, made his lunch, ate breakfast and was ready to go by 6:30am. School starts at 8:30am. These pictures certainly don't show it, but he was so excited.
*And for the record, I held it together today. I got a little misty-eyed, but talked myself out of it! Still 2:45pm can't come fast enough....


shauna said...

Great Kid! Looks as if he had fun! Spanky, good luck with school, should be easy for a super smart kid like you!

The Foosen said...

It's awesome that he's so excited about school! At what point do kids start playing sick to get out of going? Maybe he'll be like his Uncle Thomas who never missed a single day's attendance in high school. Tira is a ways away from school, but she'll probably be in daycare in a few months, so you'll have to give us some pointers on how to stifle the sniffles (ours, not hers)

MishaLee said...

T&L:Oh, he's done the I'm too sick to go to school thing before---in the 1st grade, but I think he really missed his friends this summer. Spanky has begged to be home-schooled before...if only I were that organized.
I thought you guys were going to get to avoid daycare...have you found one yet? Three years I cried like a baby as I watched him walk way. This year has been a little better. I guess the best thing to do is know the people who will be tending to little Grun's every need and make sure you have faith they will do their best. I think too that it helps to be as attached as humanly possible when you are with her...wear her, snuggle her, all the things you already do. Love you both!

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