datestampMonday, August 9, 2010

10 Months

10 pictures of the 10 month old...

It's hot, it's sooo hot.

Two top teeth to match to two bottom teeth.

How mom is able to accomplish some housework. Thank you ErgoBaby.

Still loving our cloth diapers.

Sometimes it's rough being 10 months old.

Other times it's so awesome, you sing.

Learning new things like standing up is great, it helps you get into more stuff.

I didn't freak out as much over the oreo as I did the glass of milk, but Spanky assured me he didn't share that. I have the corner on that market.


The Foosen said...

LOVE the close up shots of his little chubby cheeks, especially the one with oreos! So so cute! Thanks to your photo of the Ergo carrier, we revisited our instruction manual and see that we can carry her not only on our front, but on our back and hip! I guess we can only use the other positions once she has head control though? We use an infant insert right now and just wear her in front (it helps her get to sleep)

MishaLee said...

Oh yes, the Ergo is versitile. I will admit that getting him on my back is a little bit of a challenge by myself---but do-able next to the bed, just in case, but much easier with help. I haven't tried the hip hold yet. You wouldn't want to carry her in any position you couldn't easily check her breathing while she's still so little and I think they only reccomend the front when she's in the insert. You'll get to use the Ergo for a few years!

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