datestampFriday, June 20, 2008

I'm ba-ack...

What a crazy last few weeks! Finally got the house and we are all moved in.....woohoo! We tore out carpet, installed laminate wood floors and painted like crazy! We keep trying to get things organized, but then something breaks..........this week it was a rock through the sliding glass door and the discovery of the water heater having rusted through. Now we are the proud owners of a fabulous new water heater and one boarded up window, but it's all good. My husband is so handy! Thank heaven and thank you Jim & Katrina.

We've got a new puppy~~a Corgidor (Black Lab/Corgi mix AKA Mutt from the pound)..........introducing: DOMINO VADER STRUNK...................Spanky calls him Donimo, it's too cute! He's a sweet boy and with some training, he is going to be a really good big dog. He reminds me of Kahluha, my Welsh Mountian Pony I had as a kid, they both are sweet as can be, but think they are a little too big for their britches. Domino wants to take on any and all dogs, including the extra large black lab that a neighbor lets roam free. I'm getting him a harness this weekend, because I have to half strangle him to restrain him around other dogs.

Oh, and I am an Auntie...again!!! My first niece Lucy was born last summer, but she didn't stick around with us, she went straight back to Heavenly Father. Adeline is her little sister and now only 10 days old and I wish I could snuggle her! She's pretty tiny, but I hear she's a good eater! I can't wait to meet her. I'm betting her parents wont wait long to provide her with a sibling. ;o)

I have lots of kids hanging out at my house lately (their parents keep bringing them back each morning :o)).....summer is nuts! Even when we get the back yard kid safe, it's so darn hot, they wont be able to play outside during part of the day and for limited times the rest of the day. But man our back yard is going to be THE place to hang out let me tell you. Each time I go out there I am impressed but the size of yard we got with our little 'condo.'

Let's see....since my last post I had a check up at the Endo and woohoo....I've got years before the microscopic cancer (thyca) is big enough to zap, so hopefully I can be left alone for awhile. Also The Doc (Daniel Duick: he's the man, I love him! And now he's the AACE Pres. so I am glad I wont have to see him, since it's gonna be more difficult then normal, but the office staff and other docs are cool too.) anyways he said I could go for #2....I pray there is a happy pregnancy in the near future!

In the land of Scraps I am a stranger. It's so sad, I miss my scraping soo much. I was guest designer at the LSS this month, but only because I made the cards for the samples in April. I was such a crazy mess, I didn't even get pictures of my cards, with the exception of this one:

What have you been up to? Do tell.............


Tee said...

I check this at least once a week to see what is happening in Az land. I will snuggle Adeline for you for now but I really want you, Digger, and Spanky to come out soon. Maybe August? Anywho...I am on page 8 of Twilight...I'm trying but doing ten mile runs seems to take away from my ability to stay awake at night to read a book. Well, add more info, more picts, etc. I hope you have a wonderful day!

Siobhan said...

I found your dog Domino through a Google Image search for "corgidor." We have a corgidor that looks a lot like yours and my boyfriend got her 1 day before you posted about getting him! We're wondering if they're siblings. Ours was a rescue dog from one of the Carolinas. I can be reached at . I'd love to hear more about him!

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