datestampWednesday, April 8, 2009


I spent WAY too much money on books at Amazon last week, but I am so excited to dive into them. Not one is a novel, because I have a pile of those waiting for me to give the sewing machine a break. But that's not likely to happen soon with this book in my hot little hands:

Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching

and this one on the way in May:

Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby: 20 Easy Projects for Newborns to Toddlers

I preordered Soule Mama's next book and it should arrieve in the height of my nesting, so that's exciting!!

Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures

...and for those moments when I can't park it in front of the sewing machine, I can get my baby fill with the following:

The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

HypnoBirthing: The Mongan Method

See what I mean. Way too much moola on books, but I checked for used locally first and no luck.

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*Update: I have devoured Ina May's Guide to Childbirth over the past few days and it is truly life changing. I knew I wanted to do things differently this time. I just didn't know how to go about trying to have a natural birth in a hospital. Birthing at home holds no appeal for me, at all. This book is so common sense, but it's things we have shoved so far to the back of the closet, that generations have past by thinking the medicated, induced, c-section births are 'normal.' After reading this book I can see the problems with Spanky's birth were that I was uninformed and too trusting of what strangers were telling me to do. I am thankful that I have a healthy, perfect boy...but I believe there was unnecessary trauma due to my lack of education. In no way do I think that the L&D staff is evil or uncaring, I just think our whole society has rearranged the process of birth and it's not better. I am so excited for my next OB appointment to really discuss with her the things I've learned and my vision for a safe, healthy birth!


Susan said...

Those sewing books look like so much fun. I have so many projects hiding in my closet right now, I need to stop getting new ideas. LOL! I can't wait to see what you make.

Burgess said...

You have to teach me how to sew! If I ever have a girl, I have to make cute stuff for her.

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