datestampWednesday, April 8, 2009

for the first time, last night when checking out at lowe's, the cashier asked 'what are you having?' i immediately thought...a can of paint and some brushes, that was an odd thing to ask. then i realized, OH...i have a bit of a bump, i bet she means boy or girl. duh, me. i kept it a secret for long enough that i get stumped easily when quizzed on the spot.

wanna know what the can of black enamel paint and brushes are for? i am starting by painting all of my mismatched frames, so they match...then i'll do a collage of our family's going to be great! then i have a thrift store chair to paint and recover the seat, but i have yet to find the perfect fabric. then theres the case of the sad condition of my glider. it was a cheap-o walmart buy when spanky was born and it's been moved around a lot. so fabric, paint and some tightening up of the bolts, should give it a new life! if i do any of this when spanky is home, he has announced he needs to paint his bug box. that's a lot to ask of one little quart of paint, but i think we can do it!


Boyd said...

Enjoy painting! I love to paint, their is something soothing in the rhythm of strokes as you create a fresh surface.

Enjoy reading this week too.


Susan said...

Yeah, that someone asked you about the baby. How fun! I have been thinking about painting all of my frames black, you'll have to tell me how it goes.

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