datestampTuesday, April 21, 2009


wow i'm behind on uploading pictures, so this post is a little random, but here she goes:
*started a little baby book for #2. i know there are things i forgot from being preg with spanky, so i'm capturing some highlights this go...

*one of 3 maternity tops i've made so far and me trying to get a decent pic of it in the bathroom with two burnt out lights, not good.

*the grass house we started last friday. it sprouted this morning! (sponges, sewing pins, grass seeds, water---from Family Fun.)

*easter egg fun

*frames painted, check. pictures and proclamation updated, check. tied together with scrapbook paper, check. room for new pictures, check. i love checklists.

*my awesome digger tiled our hallway at my request (read: ultimatum.) i am one step closer to living in a carpet free home, yes! he did such a great job.

i'll leave you with a bit o' herbal tea wisdom. have a happy day!


Susan said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! What a cute maternity top. What fun pictures of W! I miss you!

Susan said...

OH, I forgot to add that I love the frames, it has inspired me to paint all of my old ones to match the new ones and get them hung up. I also love how the tile turned out. GOOD JOB DIGGER! I miss our tile, I wish that we were living in our own home still and could change the carpet to tile.

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