datestampSunday, April 19, 2009

Foster Love

Friends watched Spanky this Saturday so we could attend orientation for foster parenting. We've talked a lot about kids in need and fostering just seems like more of a fit for us than traditional adoption. This was something we've discussed over the years for 'someday....when we have our own home, when we are not likely to pick up and move...etc." All of a sudden, someday is upon us. Getting pregnant didn't change our views one bit, so we took the first step.

The orientation was very informative and answered questions I didn't even know I had. It appears that the system is slightly improved since I was in foster care. There are very few long-term foster kids being juggled from placement to placement anymore, that is a very good thing for the kids. We learned about 'foster-adopt' where you may have a child who's case is moving in the direction of parental rights being terminated, so that they will be up for adoption sooner then some other kids. Foster parents also don't have the same kids for years and years...the goal is adoption. I think that is great, but there was at least one couple who didn't agree. We felt like they were looking at it like a business, which was my experience in the system and not the best situation for the kids, in my opinion. Money shouldn't be the motivator in bring kids into your home that have experienced trauma and loss. We believe foster and foster-adopt are the right fit for us.

Lots to think about. Lots to pray about.

We're faxing our paperwork tomorrow to get started on the trail of getting certified, licensed and educated on the foster care system in Maricopa County. It's not a quick process. I imagine being ready for placements after the baby is born. We've discussed all of this with Spanky and man the kid is awesome! He says things like "Helping kids is good, Mom." I realize the reality of it all might be a little different and we'll have an adjustment period of course. I just think Spanky will be the best big brother ever. (We wouldn't bring in kids older then him, that's something we've always agreed on. And no more then 2 at a time, our house is not so big.)

Here we go.........


Burgess said...

Good for you! Zane and I would love to adopt -- I just don't know about fostering. I love kids too much, I think I would get too attached and then they would leave. I think it's great that they're not moved around as much now, though. I think it's horrible that anyone would treat it like a business and do it for the money.

You're raising a good kid there!

Susan said...

What good news! I hope that this is a fun journey for you. I hope it goes smoothly, the getting ready part. I love that Spanky boy. We miss him.

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